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“Do Not Let This Happen To U.S.”

A manifestation of 2BIAB#18, this happened after the impeachment ended in acquittal. It is troubling that 50% of the country is so fearful in their daily lives that corruption of this level is tolerated in American democracy. When individuals can become a king by bully pulpit, cheating, and legislation, a correction of the collective experience is necessary.

I hope this does not result in violence, but it appears inevitable. America is very sick. Empathy will only return when the bodies begin to pile up or other suffering can no longer be veiled from public admission. People will see what is happening when they no longer have freedom, unless they are sociopaths. I can’t believe that 50% of people are that sick.

Two Brains In A Box Narrative

The idea for Two Brains has it’s origins in a thought I had sitting next to my woodstove in Dexter, Oregon in the winter of 1993-94. I am not exactly sure what day. I just remember thinking that it was impossible to take a vacation from being inside my head, and that was getting tiring the more I became aware of it.

My studies as an undergraduate student in anthropology at University of Oregon were mostly focused on the implications of a transformation of consciousness for humanity. There is a lot to think about there. Most of it fun and lacking consequence, some of it terrifying and frustrating because it is nearly impossible to take the fear out of people.

Years down the road I had just quit smoking cigarettes and was sitting nervously in my in-laws living room trying to knock down my insomnia with alcohol and watching Robocop II. A movie so boring should put me to bed? No. There was a scene with a brain and spine with eyeballs in a vat of some amniotic fluid. It spoke to me and after 20 years my character of consciousness had a form.

Seymore was going to tell jokes at first. I have a notebook with hundreds of jokes–observations and puns mostly, that were supposed to be for the comic of which Seymore is the star.

Two Brains In A Box.

I took a comics class and started trying to develop the prototype for a single panel daily comic of ironic observation. Some years went by and I wasn’t in a place that I felt inspired to start production. I kept writing down the joke seeds, but I was questioning my formatting. I got the first five of 27 made and stopped crafting.

Two years ago I had a shift of consciousness, and have been surfing a creative wave. In this time I have now come to complete the project in it’s inevitable form. I was able to take a graphic design class and now have the skills to create the weirdness that it became. I am happy to leave it here. There is no need to add to it. A new project is more prudent.

Between the fifth panel and panel 27 you can watch the manifestation of my observation of life change. From bitter, unconscious and fearful, to calm, conscious and fearless.

The result is hundreds of unusable jokes from a mind that I no longer am, and the last ten panels that more or less describe my spiritual transformation. I hope you find something in it of value.

Peace. AWHC 02112020