CID will continue to provide the idiosyncratic design services of Andrew Cooke. I also offer the service of scale physical models for diagnostic, visual and educational needs.

Sometimes computer models just fail to deliver the power of an idea.

minglewood estate

Project/Site Planning

An experienced set of eyes  and "inverted" perspective for your project in the development stage.

Siting is one of the most critical elements of a successful design.

A design should always be a response to a site choice.

That is just how I feel.


Special Projects

Have something you want to build, and need the diversity of a journeyman carpenter  combined with the naive optimism of a student?

That is me.

I also tend to be friendly.




Graphic Design

The newest push at CID is graphic representation. Perhaps your business would enjoy some Smoothenation or Enhancification?

I am just starting to approach this type of work, and the prospects are fascinating. I have a lot to learn, but it seems like a natural progression for my design career.


Finding what is essential to brand your idea is one of the most rewarding tasks of graphic design work. A good logo can be timeless. Most need occasional updating. All must be elemental for clarity when done well.





And So...

These are the services I am currently providing to clients.

I have mostly retired from full time construction services for large projects due to health concerns, but with good coordination, we can realize your goals--whatever they are--with style, originality and inherent quality that can only be achieved in an ultra-custom framework.