It has been two Lunar months since I started this blog.


That is an adjective I would like to noun.

In these two months I have been playing with what I want to write, and I have genres yet in which to scribe a seed or two. I would like to write a descriptive and humorous beverage label or packaging of some kind. The little logo labels I made for the bounty of Summer were a start, but there is a lot to think about in package design.

So much to think and write about for so many reasons. It is overwhelming.

I will finish the rough draft of the Spray bike trip at some point, but I think I have now created a wire frame for that story. It actually will go somewhere. There is an arc, a lot of infill with pruning to be done, and many more pages with pictures. This is one of many holes to close in my writing life–a process that I hope leads to some distilled ideas for larger treatise.

This next week I am going to try to modify Cafe Irie Design a little bit. I need to build a virtual space for work that falls outside of my design, projects, and writing. There are a few things I can do to accomplish that goal.

Elementally, the vision of Cafe Irie is apolitical. Creativity isn’t partisan. I do not want the ideas that come out of Cafe Irie to be used as weapons of any kind. If politics was about cooperation I might feel differently. For now, with the immense pressure of resource scarcity, I think people are putting politics in places where common sense and reality should guide action.

With humility, maybe we can save ourselves from greed.

It is unlikely. Our Petri dish is almost used up.

So what I want to do instead of write so much this week is create a platform for my comics and darker writing. I have to make those efforts to process the negativity of the world. Hopefully it is thoughtful, and not fuel for fires of ignorance. I just feel better when I find something besides disgust in evil. I can’t write about fluff and yummy every night.

Some nights I want to expose a liar or pose a tough question.

Two Brains In A Box on Instagram was supposed to be that platform to some degree, but it has formed into it’s own thing and I am happy with it. Abstraction and Surrealism need a creative home in my world too.

I may open another Instagram account just for my comics that aren’t Two Brains. I have ideas for comics every day, but only so much time to make them. Some of them are political, but most of them are more about interpretation of morality and perception of reality. Politics is woven in for currency.

I try hard to keep my energy focused on production and positivity. I do spend too much energy being puzzled by the minds of my fellow earthlings. I want to know what their endgame is. What do they hope to accomplish in life with their actions? Do they believe it matters in the end? If so, why? If not, why?


Why do people work against their own best interest through acts of selfishness? Sharing is generally better.


Sharing is better because it allows for synergy. There are very few examples of immaculate creation, but many cases of people taking more credit than they deserve.

Only I can fix this…

Trust me.

That thought line is why we need the concise power of comics.

So, for the weeks of daily writing, I learned what I already knew, but refined my path to get there.

I will continue to tell stories and discuss issues of environmental/social concern on the blog at Cafe Irie Design, and do my best to keep politics/religion out of it. Spirituality may creep into the mechanics of it, but I can’t help that. The whole idea of being a soul is new to me. I am pretty excited about feeling like I know less than I ever have about the universe. I don’t expect to ever know more, but I feel less restricted than I used to. It will come out in every thing I produce.

I discovered in my Charette that my peak writing hours are 10 pm-2 am with a bit of slop at either end. It makes sense. In Architecture school those were always my most creative hours. The time when “other” becomes possible. A time of inversion. As far from lunch as possible…

This winter I hope that translates to prime working hours no matter what project needs to be done. It is almost time to go in to production mode for a few months. There is a big back up of buildable in the Lampshop. Sculptures, lamps and lots of printing to do.

Come on Winter…put me indoors for a while.

The next post here will hopefully be a rough draft of something, not just free-writing like I have been doing. Something that can be analyzed and deconstructed.

We’ll see. Maybe it will just be a simple hello-update with a soup recipe.

Until then watch the home page or Instagram for the new home of my comics that might divide a mind that’s made. Too hot for CID.